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Professional Musicians in Philadelphia, PA

Dan Vanore - Band Leader/Vocals






Dan is not only the leader of this band of professional musicians in Philadelphia, PA, but is an original member of THE BUSINESS. He provides lead vocals to the group. His classic Rock-N-Roll style, makes THE BUSINESS what it is today.

Tom Nataloni - Lead Vocals/Trumpet/Perc.






Tom provides lead vocals, and trumpet, to the group. He also is an original member. His soulful tenor voice, brings the band an element, that encompasses today’s music, as well as yesteryear’s.


Erica Gagliardi - Lead Vocals/Percussion






Erica is a female lead vocalist for the band.  She started working with The Business in 2007. She has been singing since the early age of 4 when she was a regular on the Al Alberts show.  She was also a regular on the scene with the Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers, singing their national anthems at their games.  Erica is one of the best on the circuit and will dazzle you every time.


Antonia Brunetti - Lead Vocals






Antonia is a female lead vocalist for the band. Her style ranges from classic soul singers, to today's top artists in live entertainment.

Steve Tabilio - Drums/Percussion






Steve is the band’s drummer, and rhythm section leader.  He is a veteran of the original music circuit, and has been playing drums for over 30 years.  Steve is an excellent drummer, and has the ability to make everyone around him even better.

Sean Finn - Keyboards/Vocals






Sean provides keyboards and vocals.  He is a professional pianist, and keyboardist, in the Philadelphia area.  He has an excellent ear, and is able to arrange, and perform, with the best.

Greg D'Agostino - Guitar






Greg is the band’s guitar virtuoso. He is able to shred, as well as play difficult, intricate dance rhythms like the truly professional musician he is. 

Manny Capizzi - Bass






Manny is the band’s bass guitarist, and the backbone of The BUSINESS. He also is an original member. Manny is always excited, and eager to perform live entertainment.  He also has the uncanny ability, to pick up the most difficult basslines.


Alex Podagrosi - Saxophones/Flute/Clarinet






Alex is the newest member of the band.  He has been performing since early childhood.  He studies at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and is also an integral part of Quaker City String Band.




Barry McCommon - Trombone






Barry is the band’s trombone player. Barry brings 20+ years of experience, playing rock, jazz, r&b, funk, classical, and everything in between.

Jim Boyle - Trumpet






Jim is our band’s trumpet player. He studied performance at The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, and received his masters at Temple University.  He has great “lead chops." He is originally from the South Jersey area, and is a big part of the band’s sound. 

Charlie Sateriale - Audio/Production Engineer




Charlie has been a part of The Business' family for a long time. His ear is amazing, and he can make the band sound incredible, in any environment.

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